Our Data Workshops are designed to engage members with new and interesting idea in the field of data analytics. The Workshops help to progress data projects that members create and execute through open collaboration, discussion, and advising.

Any member that wishes to contribute to the discussion has the ability to do so. If you have a data project idea and would like to present feel free to notify us via email or facebook so that we may set aside time during the workshop for you.

Speaker Events

Speaker events bring in industry professionals to talk about their research or work in the field. These presentations help to promote an interest in the field of Big Data, help students network within the industry, and foster ideas among our members for the application of data projects of their own.

Speakers are generally scattered throughout the semester to try and bring a wide range of expertise to our membership. If you are or know of an industry professional that would be willing to come in and share their expertise we are always looking for more opportunities.